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_terrorvision_'s Journal

Terrorvision & Beyond
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This community is for fans of Tony, Mark, Leigh and Shutty, in their various guises: Terrorvision, Laika Dog, Malibu Stacey and Blunderbuss.

Tour dates, interviews, press articles, photographs all are welcome here!

Blunderbuss tour dates
New dates coming soon!

Laika Dog tour dates:
July 23 The Cockpit, Leeds
September 16 Riff, Blackpool

Terrorvision tour dates
None atm

Malibu Stacey tour dates
although nothing official has been announced, it looks like MS are no more!

Blunderbuss: official Myspace site
Laika Dog: official Myspace site
Terrorvision: TV fansite updated regularly! / TV yahoo group / American TV / 8m / TV repeats