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2009 Tour

Hi all

Went to see the mighty Terrorvision last night in Burnley, who were fab as always. Can't wait to see them in Leeds next week.

Anyways, they are doing a 15th anniversary tour for How To Make Friends next year - tickets go on sale on the 27th. Picked up the following flyer (sorry for the quality, my scanner is dire!):


Am tempted with Manchester - go away the following day and fly from Manchester airport so is kinda doable.

Faye x
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TV heads up!

Have just had an email through from Live Nation to say the Terrorvision are playing Shepherd Bush Empire on Saturday May 24th with tickets going on sale this Friday!

I'm unsure if that's pre-sale or general sale though.

Oh the tempation!
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Hi all, nice to see Laika Dog are back touring I'm sure we'll here lots of stories soon.

However, I really don't have the time to moderate here anymore, so if anyone would like to take over or at the very least poke me if something goes wrong then I'd be most grateful!

Thanks Lorna
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Found at Adam Buxton (of Adam and Joe fame)'s blog Snipped below for the salient point:

Last Wednesday night I went along to BBC TV Centre and recorded my appearance on the current series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. ... I didn’t say that much and managed to get every single question wrong, apart from the line-up round in which I helped to correctly identify the guitarist from Terrorvision. ... And by the way, should you be interested, my episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks should be out sometime in March.
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A message from Secret Records:

Terrorvision DVD- for one night only is now aviable direct from our site as a PRE-ORDER

The DVD will be shipped on the release date 29.1.07#


Frighteningly there were a few copies knocking about on Ebay recently, but they didn't state anything about having to wait for the item.
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