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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask
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There are a few Zelda communities on Livejournal, but none centering around Majora's Mask.

Here, you may post anything that relates to MM, whether it be drabbles, fan fiction, fan art- et cetera. There are a few simple rules: No flaming, no trolling, and no advertizing unless it has some relation to The Legend Of Zelda. Please be curtious and place heavy material under an lj-cut.

Please have fun, and spread the word about this humble community.

If you have any problems or concerns, Post them, someone will get back to you.
About TLOZ: MM

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was the sixth game in the Zelda series and the second released for the Nintendo 64. Though not as popular as its predecessor Ocarina of Time, it still sold briskly after its release in 2000. However, one must take into consideration that the game requires use of the Expansion Pak in order to function whereas its predecessor did not.

The gameplay involved the same dynamic 3D environment as Ocarina of Time, but it was structured differently. The storyline placed the player in an alternate reality called Termina (not in Hyrule as in previous games; with the exception of Link's Awakening) where a mysterious mask-wearing imp, the Skull Kid, had caused multiple problems, not the least of which was the moon due to crash onto the planet in three days. The player lives these three days over and over again using time travel, collecting items and knowledge and attempting to prevent this catastrophe.

As in Ocarina of Time, a fairy accompanies Link on his quest. This time it is not Navi, the original fairy, but a new one named Tatl. Tatl and her brother Tael (a paraphrase on the word tattletale) are hench-fairies of the Skull Kid. Having unwillingly become separated from her brother Tatl decides to temporarily join up with Link until they find the Skull Kid and thereby her brother. Tatl functions like Navi did in Ocarina albeit being a tattletale she's more similar to the character Goombario from the contemporary Nintendo 64 RPG Paper Mario than the encyclopaedic Navi.

According to the manga, which is a different story than that of the game itself, the mask itself was an ancient and dangerous artifact made from the armor of a legendary and evil beast that was danced to exhaustion by a being disguised as a human traveler. According to a legend devised "by the humans themselves," any who obtain the beast's armour gains hold of a giant and terrible power. All who approached it, warriors, men and women alike, even with good intentions, were devoured without remorse. The early Terminian tribes used the mask in their cursed hexing rituals, but when the evils caused by the mask became too much to bear, they sealed it away in darkness forever... so they hoped.

As the mask of the devil, Majora's Mask gained its power from the evil desires that people had in their minds as they were devoured by the beast, or when they cast the hexes when the armor was made into the mask. As it passed from member to member in the tribe it accumulated its power until it was too much to control. The tribe died out, but the mask still rested in darkness. The Happy Mask Salesman went to great lengths to get it, but while travelling in the Lost Woods it was stolen by Skull Kid and his hench-fairies, Tatl and Tael. When the Skull Kid wore it the evil essence trapped within possessed him, beckoning him to Termina, and making him cause harm amongst the townspeople, most notably interfering with the engagement of Anju to Kafei. The most serious problem caused by the mask was that the moon was torn out of its orbit, and was on a collision course with Termina's capital city. The moon would have exterminated all life in a cataclysm of fire had it not been for Link's intervention. With the power of the Fierce Deity's Mask, he destroyed Majora's Mask and saved Termina. The moon was destroyed after these events.

As stated above, while Skull Kid was possessed, he wronged many of the people in Termina. In addition, he sealed his former friends, the Four Giants in the masks of evil deities and sealed them in the temples located in the four compass directions. Link had to free all of them in order to save Termina.
(Please note the manga, though licensed by Nintendo, are not considered official sources of information and are not canonical; any time there is a conflict between the manga and the game, the game is considered to be the more official source.)

(Information copied from wikipedia.org)

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