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Welcome to _Ten_Fics

This is a fan fiction writing community. You can write about any person, any person at all...but first, you gotta claim them.


+To claim a person to write about, reply in this thread and, wait untill I approve you.
+When you're claim is approved, you must write ten ONE-SHOTS (a one chapter story)on the person you claimed.
+The one-shots must be about the themes I give you each month. The themes will be shown in the user info.
+Once you've written your 10 fics (or once the month has ended) you can claim a new person. Once again, you must comment in this thread to do so.
+Your fics can be any rating you want them from G to whatever.
+NO PLAGIARISM! I have a hard enough spelling the word, I don't want people being banned because of it.
+No Flames. You hate a fic? You think it sucks? Go ahead and mock it behind the author's back to your friends, Hell, making fun of fan fics is one of my pasttimes BUT, I don't want a whole fight starting because someone felt the need to tell someone else they suck. It doesn't work like that.

+The last and most important rule is :HAVE FUN!


Harry Potter:
Draco Malfoy- chemxalromance
Ginny Weasley- mrbubblesandme
Harry Potter- love_is_toxic
Hermione Granger- spiraled_444
Pansy Parkinson- kaleidoruby

American Idol
Paula Abdul- jennomac
Simon Cowell- heldbyangels

Tom Welling- domluver

This Month's Themes

How the themes work: I give you the names of the themes, and you write a fic that includes this.

For Example: The theme is "Picinic"

You will write a fic in which your characters have a picinic of some sort, it can be indoor or outdoor, it can be romantic or family-oriented.

Another Example: The theme is "Admittance"

You will write a story in which one character admits something to the other; your story can be either dramatic or comical.

You can write the themed fics in whichever order you want, you don't have to do the themes in order from 1 straight to 10, you can do the 5th theme first or the 9th is you prefer. Just complete them.

Get it?

This month is going to be kind of long, because I began this in the middle-late August, I'm going to extend the themes untill the end of September.

_ten_fic's 10 Themes:

1. Back-stabbing
2. Snowed In
3. The Beach
4. Miracles
5. Horror Movie
6. PMS
7. Flowers
8. Flashback
9. Author's Choice
10.Author's Choice