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you can't avoid everything

. . . or all that will be left is nothing

Tempestas - A Storm is Brewing
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Harry Potter and his mates are in their 7th year, and thus far, the school year has been uneventful. The Ministry of Magic is quiet -- maybe a bit too quiet -- but no more so than it was the last year. Maybe, just maybe, they would have a year of peace.

But a storm is brewing in the shadows -- and a tragedy that no one foresaw strikes right before Halloween. Voldemort is still very much active, and his unpredictability makes him an even more dangerous foe than before. Tempestas. An attack begins it all. October 31st, 1997 marks the beginning of a war long in the making. People are changed and lives are lost as a fight begins.

The game begins October 30th.

The Rules
Out of Character Community

[Based upon canon and loosely upon relationships and characterizations determined in Inflecto. "Tempestas" is a plot and relationship driven role playing game that begins autumn of 1997. Hopeful players should not be concerned if they did not participate in "Inflecto."]

Now accepting auditions for any and all canon characters. Audition form below.

Taken Characters

Bethany Dunstan, bethanydunstan
Hermione Granger, booksarebest
Seamus Finnigan, blarneypeddler
Victoria Frobisher, vicky_vick
Andrew Kirke, captainkirke
Neville Longbottom, neville_tmpstas
Natalie McDonald, naturavggirl
Harry Potter, the_bwl
Dean Thomas, deantastic
Ginevra Weasley, ginnymw
Ronald Weasley, weasleysixth

Emma Dobbs, lost_in_facades
Daphne Greengrass
Draco Malfoy, cold__as__ice
Theodore Nott, theodore__nott
Pansy Parkinson, slythprincess
Blaise Zabini, le_feu_faux

Terry Boot, theonlyboot
Mandy Brocklehurst, sweetmandyalice
Kevin Entwhistle, entwhistle_k
Luna Lovegood, luna_good
Lisa Turpin, lisacatherine

Jasmine Dorny, dornjazz
Justin Finch-Fletchley, missing_months
Sally-Ann Perks, tearless_shadow
Sheridan Summerby, sheridone

Severus Snape, _snape__

Death Eaters
Voldemort, morsmordrelord
Rodolphus Lestrange

Order of the Phoenix
Remus Lupin
Nymphadora Tonks, a_klutzy_auror

Katie Bell, quidditch_bell
Miles Bletchley, _mbletchley_
Cho Chang, raven_in_flight
Penelope Clearwater
Roger Davies, roggie_davies
Marcus Flint, flint__marcus
Terence Higgs, _theseeker_
Angelina Johnson, angie_the_star
Solan Montague, mles_montague
Alicia Spinnet, secret_spinnet
Cassius Warrington swarthy_git
Oliver Wood, quidditch_lover

Audition form, mail to "tempestasrpg [at] yahoo [dot] com"

[subject line: "Character Audition: [insert character name]"
Player Audition Questions:
Are you over 13?
Personal Journal?
RPG experience?

Character Audition Questions:
Age and date of birth? (if student, include year and house, and any special status [prefect, quidditch team])
Physical description?
Most pronounced flaw?
How do people perceive this character?
Greatest fear?
Greatest passion?
Does your character value the purity of blood?
Is your character "pure-blooded," a "half-blood" or "Muggle-born"?
Describe the character's family life and personal history (however brief or extensive):

Sample Entry (150 words, minimum):

Brief Overview

This is a third person RPG. All role playing should occur on some instant messaging service (the most popular of which is AIM/AOL), converted into novel format (with the removal of screen names and spacing between paragraphs), and then posted on the community journal. Also to go on the community journal are owls, notices and things of that nature. The personal journals should be used for the private thoughts of the character.

Good grammar is a must. Good spelling is a must. We all make mistakes, but there isn't a place for netspeak here.

Keeping to character is a must. Not that characters cannot evolve and people don't change . . . they do. But there are basic understood principles. Hermione will not show up in class one day in leather chaps and a bikini top. And Draco would not subsequently pounce on her. They would not proceed to shag for the next few hours. Granted, you are certainly permitted to put your characters into relationships as you please, and events and interactions change people. Just . . . be respectful of what canon says and what you put on your application. If you wish to change something about the character even after you've sent in your application, it would be greatly appreciated if you could resubmit at least the *part* of the app you are changing to the mods at tempestasrpg@yahoo.com. If we feel you are violating the character too drastically (and some things may slide), it will probably result in a friendly conversation about the character with the mods. We just want to keep everything as nice and smooth as possible.

This game accepts both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Though discretion and restraint should be used in both cases. If your character's only purpose here is to shag every boy and/or girl in sight, you probably should not be here. Note that as all characters are not necessarily straight, not all characters are gay or bisexual. So as much as we do all love and adore slash, let us not get carried away and make every male or female homosexual, as it is highly unlikely they all are. That seems like a vital piece of information you would want to put into your application when you send it in. Thank you. We also do not permit student/teacher pairings, nor do we permit incest. Just as we cannot butcher character through their . . . choice of clothing and sudden behavioral changes, we cannot butcher them with relationships. If the mods approach you, please remember we're only doing so in an attempt to keep the game as close to canon as possible.

Logs posted in the community may be rated R, but straight smut should not be posted here. If you are so desperate to share, by all means post on the OOC community amongst the ramblings and plottage.

This game is based upon canon, though those players who participated in the "Inflecto" game (which covered the 'sixth year') may have chosen to continue whatever relationships or character developments established on that game. To find out whatever backstory occurred there, feel free to look on the OOC board at Character Introductions.

Disclaimer: This roleplaying game is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.