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using swordplay as foreplay since 1900.

it's yami no matsuei! (sorta!)
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One day, Picky had a dream. A dream of a wonderful, magical world of yaoi, bad grammar, and cute LJ icons. With the help of Luna and Dream, that dream became an incredibly dorky reality.

Teh RPG has no true name. No plot to speak of. Think of it as the nameless stray kitten you keep for weeks and eventually name it "Stupid" because it won't stop walking into walls. Only I think the RPG has slightly more gay. Maybe.

No, the maintainer of this community doesn't make sense. Feel free to yell at her.

Teh Cast:
[x] Tsuzuki Asato [played by dreamwarrior7z]
[x] Kurosaki Hisoka [played by luna_kishibara]
[x] Tatsumi Seiichirou [played by piketnoir]

[x] Watari Yutaka - [played by indigopear]
[y] Muraki Kazutaka
[y] Others

Mmm. RPG. ♥

We're all stupid friendly here. Really!
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