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Battlestar Galactica the movie

Challenge for elite100. The goal is to make 100 icons of the subject of your choice, using certain themes, as listed behind the LJ-cut. Keep in mind, this is the original Battlestar Galactica, or rather said, the movie version of it, since that's the only thing I own. And I'm nuts about it too. It's perhaps the only DVD in my entire collection that hasn't been thrown about my room!

Since the movie is from the 70's ... the caps (made by me, will hand them out for the public as soon I've finished capping the DVD) are grainy, have this typical color from 70's movies ... So, a lot of work went into these. Please don't diss my fandom by telling me they were a Star Wars clone - they are quite different, okay? For the non-BSG fans : Frack means fuck. If you really want to, you can take the "frack! no icon yet" icon, but why, is beyond me, lol.

This is a work in progress!
Please do :

Keep in mind my personal 3 'Cs:

1. Comment. It makes me feel popular/loved.
2. Credit. It kind of leads people to this place, to be able to grab the BSG icons themselves, okay?
3. Crave more icons. After all, this will be a 100 icons post.

PS: for some stupid reason, the "comment" link is on TOP of the page!

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