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Teh Steph graphics

graphics from teh steph.
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Teh Steph graphics journal V1. Gary Oldman
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is my new graphics community, called _teh_steph_.
I used to post my icons in teh_steph and heretic_angel, but since I found it a tremendous hassle to switch from friends to public every time, I just decided to make a community for myself.My older icons can still be found by browsing the memories of teh_steph, and to make matters easier for you, crediting teh_steph will be just fine.Don't ask to be added to teh_steph unless you are quite sure you want to read my ramblings. Some of the post will be public anyway, since I will posting all my graphics in here. You are, however, free to befriend this one. Don't expect new graphic posts all the time. I'm a busy student and I make graphics when the mood hits me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Some icons come like that, some take a lot more work. That's why I like credit.
Don't give me any of your usual bullshit of " the pictures you used are not your own and that's why I won't credit." I did my best with what I could get. Sometimes blurry pics, pics with wrong color levels ..., are used to make my icons. I change the settings in my trusted Photoshop. If you feel you must steal, or not credit, go ahead. I cannot stop you. But let's have respect for each other and credit me anyway, alright? Because that's what civilized people do.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I don't care what you use my headers/banners for. I honestly don't. If you use them to gawk at, or use them for your info pages for your journal/RPG's, to pretty up your journal ... Go ahead. Again, I must stress the word of crediting the maker and not hotlinking.