The Cyber bard (cyber_bard_) wrote in _teh_steph_,
The Cyber bard

Firefly - Zoe.

This is my first icon batch of Zoe from Firefly for icons100. Quite a task, aye, but one I'll manage to do. Resources list will come up later, when I am done with compiling/adding the new information.

More information behind the cut, but the usual applies; credit if you can, leave behind a comment if taking - or just to say 'hey, I like!' and please, oh so please, no hotlinking. It would be very, very appreciated.

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[Batch] 1
[Themes] 18, 14, 42, 12, 13, 30, 46, 20, 29, 23

Teh icons.

All That I Am Smile Fury
Lost Mmm Yum! Trouble in Paradise
Love Snarky Glory


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Tags: ff batch icon100, firefly, gina torres, zoe

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