The Cyber bard (cyber_bard_) wrote in _teh_steph_,
The Cyber bard

The A-team 2x21 - the taxicab wars.

The A-team 2x21 - the taxicab wars.

Subject: 580 A-team 'taxicab wars' caps.
Format : JPEG

Some form of credit would be nice, even if it is linking back to cap_it.
Please comment when taking, for the simple reason so I know how many people have taken these caps.
Will re-upload the zips when links have expired.

The four people who downloaded the zips will have to re-download zip one. Thank you. Please comment. ^^ Don't be a stranger!

//A-team season two sequence//1,33 MB//33 caps

//Zip one//3,94 MB//100 caps//

//Zip two//4,24 MB//100 caps//

//zip three//3,98 MB//100 caps//

//zip four//5,11 MB//100 caps//

//zip five//4,18 MB//120 caps//
Tags: a-team, caps

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