The Cyber bard (cyber_bard_) wrote in _teh_steph_,
The Cyber bard

Highlander : Endgame - Duncan only caps.

Request filled for viciousgurl.

Subject: 762 Highlander Endgame Duncan only caps.
Format : JPEG
Width : 1023 x 432

YSI was being an absolute arse and didn't let me upload my .rar files, so I had to settle for Megaupload.
Some form of credit would be nice, even if it is linking back to cap_it.
Please comment when taking, for the simple reason that I know how many people have taken these caps.
Will re-upload the zips when links have expired.

And if you've made icons out of them, I'm very curious to see them! :D

Sample caps NOT real size; click on the image to see it in it's true size.

//Part one // 4,48 MB // 200 caps.//

//Part two // 4,24 MB // 200 caps.//

//Part three // 3,54 MB // 200 caps.//

//Part four // 2,87 MB // 161 caps.//
Tags: caps, duncan macleod, highlander

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