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post a mixtape you gave or recieved

user manual

submit your mix cd/tape
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
What we're about:

music, but feel free to start up off-topic conversations, also.


let others know that you want to trade. introduce all of the new music you want,
this is an open community!

What can get you kicked out:

keep your swearing at a minimum. also, keep the insults, rude behavior, and anything else
you-wouldn't-do-that-if-your-mother-was-here-ish out.
i know we all do it, but please do try to keep spamming and ads for other communities out!


moderator; birdvsworm
alkaline trio, all of your music, appleseed cast, architecture in helsinki, belle and sebastian, benton falls, bikini kill, blue oyster cult, books, braid, bright eyes, bronwyn, buffalo 66, califone, chicago, clean stuff, coheed and cambria, consafos, control, cursive, dancing, dead 50's, death cab for cutie, dieradiodie, distorted penguins, donnie darko, doot, earshot, eels, elefant, elliott smith, emo, euphone, final fantasy, friday 13th, glue, gomez, grade, grand funk railroad, guitars, hair, halloween, hardcore, hot hot heat, hot water music, hum, ima robot, independent films, instruments, jack off jill, jets to brazil, jimi hendrix, josh katz, kara's flowers, kathleen hanna, knapsack, koufax, led zeppelin, lightning bolt, lord of the rings, metric, michael jackson, mixtapes, modest mouse, moldy peaches, mooney suzuki, music, my morning jacket, neskimos, new best friend, nickel creek, onelinedrawing, pavement, people, pixies, pj harvey, planes mistaken for stars, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, rainer maria, rap, reel big fish, screamo, silver scooter, skankin' pickle, snowden, songs ohio, sparta, strangers, straylight run, style, sunny day real estate, tank girl, the cranberries, the cure, the dandy warhols, the faint, the flaming lips, the hives, the microphones, the notwist, the postal service, the raveonettes, the rocky horror show, the shins, the stills, the strokes, the sundays, the vines, the von bondies, thrice, thursday, tilly and the wall, treephort, tv on the radio, vegetarianism, whatever, yeah yeah yeahs, yearbooks, yello, yes, zines