ambellina (risparmiarme) wrote in _teh_mixtapes_,

hey! i just found this community & thought i'd introduce myself.
i'm luana rose. singer/ voice coach.
i would be extremely keen to start swapping mix cds with anyone interested!

just for you all. one of my favourites. no real theme but pretty all the same.

woe // say anything
ashtray girl // placebo
we're so far away // mae
my paper heart // the all american rejects
innocent // our lady peace
follow the leader // unwritten law
lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off // panic! at the disco
pictures of you // the cure
my sweet prince // placebo
let go // frou frou
if i told you this was killing me would you stop // the julianna theory
your star // the all american rejects
cavanaugh park // something corporate
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