mal (_mazzy) wrote in _teh_mixtapes_,

i'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend but we do manage to see each other on the weekends. we had a great time this weekend & i wanted to do something nice for him so i made a mix, zipped it & uploaded it. i put in a note also instructing him to burn it, listen to it when he was lonely & remember me. this is the mix; nine songs for the nine months we've been back together.

meet me in montauk
1. metric, "calculation theme"
2. armor for sleep, "kind of perfect"
3. the rocking horse winner "until next time"
4. paramore, "my heart"
5. lovedrug, "angels with enemies"
6. led zeppelin, "what is & what should never be"
7. the cure, "love song"
8. coldplay, "warning sign"
9. death cab for cutie, "transatlanticism"

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