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long distance relationship cd

this is the cd i sent to the guy that i started seeing just before i left one city for another - 1400 kilometres away...we are still in daily contact and looking to the future...but you never know!!! I was desperate to avoid the cheese, too much oooze, to soon, no good!! More about saying "hey! you rock me!"

1. I've got my eyes on you - Brian Jonestown Massacre

2. Love Burns - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

3. Perfect Drug - NIN

4. Love Buzz - Nirvana

5. Good morning you - The Rabbit - Daniel Johnston cover

6. Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

7. Driving on 9 - The Breeders (as it was so new i cant do "do you love me now?")

8. I just want to have something to do - The Ramones

9. Living after midnight - The Donnas

10. I aint saying my goodbyes - Tom Vek

11. Cool Kids?? (shadow track) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

12. Im not sick - BJM

13. My Doorbell - White Stripes
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