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Im new! please please please help!

Me and a friend recently got in a huge fight... we were pretty much bestfriends. We used to hang out everyday and have fun adventures all the time together. She was the only one who i really talked to about deep things. shes great. I really want to make her a mix tape to say sorry i was wrong and that we are still close. We used to make them for eachother all the time but i need help finding the right songs to put it on it. SOPLEASEHELPMEOUT!!!pleasepleaseplease.

Im looking for songs that say...

Im sorry

remeber when

I was so wrong

Hanging out alot and having fun.

coffee shops.

guys are stupid.

and lots of dancing songs!

can we start again? - Bane

walk away - Ben harper

soco Amaretto lime - Brand new

In the sun - Johseph arthur.

oingo boingo- Turning jappanise.

reason - Hoobastank

what we hate, we make - The rocket summer.

My coco - stellastarr

we used to be friends- The dandy warhols.

around the clock - the rocket summer

photobooth- death cab for cutie

nice day- the salteens.




♥ Hannah Ray.







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