cherrybombdiva (cherrybombdiva) wrote in _teh_mixtapes_,

so i'm making a mix for this boy i like. i have been head-over-heels for him for like 6 months. he just got out of a very long relationship and i'm finally feeling like maybe i have a chance. we cuddle and he slept in my bed last night, but nothing happened. and i don't know if its just him being flirtatious or if there's something there.

i need songs about:
+ been waiting so long/finally getting a chance
+ afraid to tell you how much i like you
+ i've fallen for you, completely.

this is what i have:

straylight run - existentialism on prom night
cauterize - shine
daphne loves derby - hopeless love
fall out boy - nobody puts baby in the corner
rocket summer - never knew
saves the day - hold
the spill canvas - so much
mae - soundtrack to our movie

any help would be fabulous. thanks.
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