I wish I were that skeleton.

New Years Time

Hey Everyone!

What are your wishes for the new year?
*To continue to do well in school
*Continue to meet new people
*Become even more confident in myself

*To learn to love/like myself
*Stop going online so friggin much

What you'll miss about 2004?
*It being 2004?
*Everything good that happened, mostly what happened between now and September

What you want to do in 2005?
*This might sound weird, but to learn how to Knit
*Get a new hobby
*Talk to even more guys

What you WILL do?
*Hopefully succead in my Resolutions and graduate 9th grade!
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oo1. Name: Sarah
oo2. Age: 14
oo3. Birthday: June 12, 1990
oo4. Location: Massachusetts
oo5. Where You Wish You Were Located: I like where I am:-)

Favorites! (no more than six, please)

oo6. Books:
Lovely Bones, Flip Flopped, and
oo7. Movies: Mean Girls, Polar Express, Cinderella, and anything Disney haha
oo8. Bands:  John Mayer, Phish, and Jessica/Ashlee Simpson


oo9. Same sex marriage: sure, but its not for me
o10. Abortion: nope
o11. Bush or Kerry and why: Kerry, for the main reason that Bush would do the draft
o12. Drugs and alcohol: not for me
o13. Religion (and yours, you will not be judged on this, it is out of curiosity.): catholic


o14. Describe your perfect wedding:
A church, red roses, and white wedding dress...just don't know with who yet!
o15. If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it?: with my friends and family<33
o16. Career plans: don't really know yet!
o17. Sign: Gemini
o18. Do you do any extracurriculars/sports etc?: tennis, starting track, babysit, softball, and piano
019: Where did you hear about us from: A friend=)

Finish the sentence
o20. Since when does:
Ashlee lip sync?
o21. How Long: until the Newlyweds start?
o22. What did you do with: the rest of the pie?
o23. Why do: guys have to be so hard to understand?
o24. Hold on: I have to go to the bathroom? haha

o25. Where did you promote us? Post a link or an <*lj user="NAMEOFCOMMUNITYHERE"*>.

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