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oo1. Name:Chasity
oo2. Age:16 years
oo3. Birthday:Oct.17
oo4. Location:west virginia
oo5. Where You Wish You Were Located:japan or california

Favorites! (no more than six, please)

oo6. Books:the perks of being a wallfolwer,the curious incedent of the dog in the late night,America the book
oo7. Movies:Despretely Seeking Susan,High Fidelity,All the Presidents Men
oo8. Bands:Madonna, Foo Fighters, Gwen Stefani


oo9. Same sex marriage:no opposition from me
o10. Abortion:pro choice
o11. Bush or Kerry and why:Kerry seemed smarter even if lacking all charisma
o12. Drugs and alcohol:drank chapagne once
o13. Religion (and yours, you will not be judged on this, it is out of curiosity.):don't practice it ,but don't mind people who do as long as they are tolerant


o14. Describe your perfect wedding:one that doesn't include me
o15. If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it?:with my family having fun being spontaneous
o16. Career plans:something in business maybe law or accounting
o17. Sign:libra
o18. Do you do any extracurriculars/sports etc?:no don't go to school am homebound
019: Where did you hear about us from:saw it on the similar interests page

Finish the sentence
o20. Since when does:gravity exist
o21. How Long: until we get home
o22. What did you do with:my dignity
o23. Why do:people like Paris Hilton and Usher make so much money
o24. Hold on:I going to throw up now

o25. Where did you promote us? Post a link or an <*lj user="NAMEOFCOMMUNITYHERE"*>.

And lastly, amuse us! With a joke or a funny story or something. =)

my neice when she hears music will shake her hips and try to take her diaper off she's our little stripper in training,{if she can do it in a full body cast according to her mother}

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    ok i dont know if this allowed, im 15 and i totally love sex is that wrong? i hate condoms too. ew.

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