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oo1. Name:Ellie
oo2. Age:14
oo3. Birthday:8th December
oo4. Location:Bristol, UK
oo5. Where You Wish You Were Located: Somewhere nice.

Favorites! (no more than six, please)

oo6. Books: I don't read much.
oo7. Movies: 50 first dates, uptown girls, thirteen
oo8. Bands: McFly, Razorlight, the Zutons, Scissor Sisters, Maroon 5


oo9. Same sex marriage: It's fine, I don't see why it should be illegal really.
o10. Abortion: You can't really comment until you've been in a situation where you would consider one.
o11. Bush or Kerry and why: Kerry - Bush is a twat.
o12. Drugs and alcohol: They're fun.
o13. Religion (and yours, you will not be judged on this, it is out of curiosity.): I'm not religious but it's okay if others are.


o14. Describe your perfect wedding: Pretty. And extravagent.
o15. If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it?: Seeing all my favourite bands live with my friends and family.
o16. Career plans: I don't know, but I should really be deciding.
o17. Sign: What kind of sign?
o18. Do you do any extracurriculars/sports etc?: A bit of theatre.
019: Where did you hear about us from: My brother.

Finish the sentence
o20. Since when does: that mean that.
o21. How Long: until the weekend.
o22. What did you do with: my CD.
o23. Why do: birds suddenly appear...
o24. Hold on: to the barrier.

I'm kind of doing this just for fun..

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    ok i dont know if this allowed, im 15 and i totally love sex is that wrong? i hate condoms too. ew.

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