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oo1. Name: Catie
oo2. Age: 16
oo3. Birthday: Nov. 28
oo4. Location: California
oo5. Where You Wish You Were Located: Ireland

Favorites! (no more than six, please)

oo6. Books: The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath), Where the Heart Is (Billie Letts), The Angels Trilogy (Lurlene McDaniel)
oo7. Movies: The Others, Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story (haha), Napolean Dynamite
oo8. Bands: ahh this is a hard one to choose on 6 for....guster, the white stripes, the beatles, gavin degraw (even though he's a singer, not a band), taking back sunday, & dispatch


oo9. Same sex marriage: love is love either way.
o10. Abortion: pro-choice--its a woman's right to choose, and i really don't think it should be a political isssue at all--i really don't like seeing male politicians talking about how they're 'pro-choice' or not, because its not their choice either way.
o11. Bush or Kerry and why: neither. and why? because i don't think either of them handle situations well--but then again, who really could handle a whole country perfectly? lol sorry.
o12. Drugs and alcohol: not for me--but i don't hate against people who do them, i just choose not to be a a part of it.
o13. Religion (and yours, you will not be judged on this, it is out of curiosity.): anything i want to be at the time. haha. my parents chose for me to be christian, but i go to my friend's churches a lot and i don't really practice one religion inparticular, so i'm nothing really, but i do believe in God.


o14. Describe your perfect wedding: wow, haven't really though about that one. it doesn't matter, just as long as my family/friends are there and i am positive that i love and want to marry the guy i'm with.
o15. If you only had one more day to live, how would you spend it?: like any other normal day..i probably would be in denial that it was my very last day to live and i wouldn't believe it.
o16. Career plans: speech writer maybe..or maybe a lawyer or a journalist..something along those lines
o17. Sign: umm i've never really read about those as weird as it sounds
o18. Do you do any extracurriculars/sports etc?: yesss!! crosscountry, winter track, spring track, photography, art
019: Where did you hear about us from: i was just searching under the interests looking for some communities to join

Finish the sentence
o20. Since when does: when in rome do as romans, make sense?
o21. How Long: does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop
o22. What did you do with: your summer
o23. Why do: you live life dreaming, yet dread the day the dreaming stops?
o24. Hold on: when you feel like letting go

o25. Where did you promote us? promote_this (lj community)..i can promote more if you want, though.

And lastly, amuse us! With a joke or a funny story or something. =)

here's a few..
-how are air and sex alike?
--it's not a big deal until you aren't getting any.

-What inspired this amorous rhyme?
--Two parts vodka, one part lime.

alright, my friend e-mailed me this and i thought this was kind of cute/funny..which ones are your favorite haha..

50 Ways to Annoy Your Parents

1)Follow them around the house. Everywhere
2)Moo when they say your name
3)Pretend to have amnesia
4)Say everything backwards
5)give yourself a swirly
6)run around with a lampshade on your head yelling "the sun! It's dying!”
7)Run into walls
9)Have nervous spasms at anonymous time
10)Say that wearing clothes is against your religion
11)Pretend to worship the Devil
12) Stand over them at four in the morning with a huge grin on your face and say "Good morning Sunshine!"
13)Snort loudly when you laugh and then laugh harder
14)run in circles
15)recite a whole movie 3 times
16)pretend to beat yourself up
17)Pluck someone's hair out and yell "DNA!”
18)Slither everywhere
19)wear a sticker that says, "I'm a retard!"
20)wear your pants on your head and your shirt on your waist. Tell them you are making a fashion statement
21)try to drink out of a glass the wrong way
22)Super glue your finger up your nose
23)talk to a pen
24)Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to ALL the time
25)Lay face down and chant like an Indian tribe
26)try to climb the wall
27)spread out on the window and buzz, pretending to be a fly
28)Take your ice cream cone and put it one your forehead. Say you are a lovely unicorn
29)in public yell "NO MOM I WILL NOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU!”
30)Put pegs on your nose and eyes
31)do what they actually tell you
32)Switch the light button on and off for a while. Then say, "Oh...I get it!"
33)eat your hair
34)whatever they are eating, tell them it looks like a certain animal
35)Eat anything obviously not edible
36)Jump off the roof, trying to fly
37)Say your pet is mocking you and chase it around the house
38)Hold their hand and whisper to them "I see dead people."
39)when you shower or bath yell, "I'm drowning!
40)try to snorkel in your fish tank
41)ask them quietly "Pardon me but do you have any.." then yell "SHOELACES!”
42)Chase an imaginary tail
43)Demand that you want your own area code
44)at everything they say yell "LIAR!”
45)Pretend to be 346 years old
46)hang upside down in your close
47)Pretend to be a phone
48)try to swim in the floor
49)Tap on their door all night
50)Pretend to have multiple personalities

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