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Feel free delete if this is too off-topic...

Channel Four in Britain plans on showing a documentary in which Mark David Chapman, the vicious, bloodthirsty man who assassinated John Lennon in cold blood back in 1980, gets to get airtime. When do they plan to air this travesty? December 8th, the twenty-fifth anniversary of Lennon's death!

John Lennon spread peace, love, and understanding throughout the people that he knew and those that listened to his music. When he was brutally struck down in the prime of his life, he left behind a wife (Yoko), who was with him when he was shot. He also left behind a five-year-old son, Sean, and a seventeen-year-old son, Julian (from his first marriage to Cynthia Powell Lennon).

John Lennon never got to watch his sons graduate high school or attend college. He never got to see them grow up, get married and have their own children. He never got to pursue whatever musical and artistic pursuits he dreamed of achieving.

Why, then, should Mark David Chapman be given airtime to boast about his crime?! Chapman shot Lennon to achieve fame, he has confessed. Why give him what he desires?

If you agree that this program is outrageously inappropriate and disgraceful to Mr. Lennon's memory, as well as to his family, friends, and fans, please sign my petition:

There is also another petition circulating on the same matter:

Please sign both. Thank you for your time!

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