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Well, as an introduction, I hope you don't mind me reposting what I did at the teen republican community...

Name: Christopher Michael Alexander Price

Age: 19

Why are you a republican?: Because I'm an evil, oil thirsty, power grabbing, money hoarding, gun slinging, convict frying, fetus saving, abortionist killing, war mongering, racist, sexist, and in all other ways bigoted, religious fanatic conservative. That, and I like to piss off my colleagues in the film industry.

Do you have any problems being a republican surrounded by democrats?: Well, I'm a film student at Temple University (like 90% liberal campus...) I have had people spit on me, knock over a table I was at, throw food at me, threaten my life, etc. And that was all on a good day! Silly liberals and your supreme tolerance to all races, creeds, and beliefs.

Political Persuasion (liberal, moderate, conservative, libertarian, Christian Conservatives): Conservative-- through and through.

How do you feel about the war on terrorism?: How should one feel about such a turbulent thing? I feel generally secure.

Who's your favorite president?: Ronald Reagan is one of my childhood heroes. Then, I'd say some old schoolers like TR, Lincoln, Grant, and even Nixon. The Bush dynasty is also quite my cup of tea.

Where are you from?: Just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, North America, Western/Northern Hemispheres, Earth, Earth's Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy, Somewhere in the Universe.

What political issue is most important to you?: Wow, so many. Probably the campaign to send Michael Moore to the ice encased ninth circle of Hell a few years early. But honestly, probably abortion (especially PBA.)

What, if anything, would you do differently from George W. Bush if you were president?: I would hold no punches. Our president, in all due respect, is too cordial to the liberals who smash him. I would be as open and candid as possible. I would have ratted out the Clinton administration for causing thousands of dollars in damage to the White House instead of allowing them to walk all over me. He's a great man. Unfortunately, his grace and civility may be his downfall.

Any interesting stories, hobbies, talents?: Aside from Mel Gibson, you'll seldom find a narrative filmmaker who has similar political beliefs to myself. I can also roll my tongue while filing taxes.

A suggestion for a question to add to the survey: "If you could date any politician or member of a politician's family, who would it be?" My answer, of course, would be the Bush twins. Together.

Any suggestions for interests of the community: Ann Coulter, Fox News, Bitchslapping Michael Moore, Denouncing the Liberal Media, Teeth... and Plaque Conspiracy... and Metallica. (ATHF allusion, if anyone gets it.)

Any questions, feel free to ask. I've got nothing to hide. :)
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