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just some random thoughts...

maybe some of you heard about a potential assasination of our president a little while ago (and by that i mean less than a week). I guess someone threw a granade his way while he was in europe. well, somebody heard me talk about it at school...and their reply..."too bad they didn't hit the idiot"

now that is just disgustingly horrible!

doesn't matter if you're democrat...republican...niether....you don't wish ill on somebody. (unless their john kerry of course! ha jk)


if any anti-bush person attacks us on this community.. it's for one reason: they are jealous that the anti-christ didn't win.


so i hear clinton vs. guiliani for 2008. go big g! YAY! if you all can vote in 2008...like me...vote for guiliani...or rice. (heck i dunno) but not hilary!


how dare somebody say it's okay to have an abortion? if one is old enough to have sex, they are old enough to take care of a baby. keep your pants on, for God sakes!


i've been pondering this for awhile: democrats/libs are all like "ohhh free speech. free speech!" then when a republican says what they feel, libs are all up in their face. *sniff sniff* is that a hypocrite i smell?


i'm so glad bush won. i truly believe that if kerry would've, we would all be shackled up, thrown in jail cells, and being forced to speak alien as kerry's "people" try to confrom us to his evil ways...to take over the entire universe, of course.


i think being a conservative is sensible...and awesome

you guys are awesome. stick to your beliefs!

♥ ♥
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