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A brief explanation of how my book reviews will work. I will say title and author, which are self-explanatory. "Type" will tell what level of information is in it (basic, all spells, need to be well studied to understand, etc.) and it will also say what it falls under denominationally (Gardnerian, Celtic, Traditional, Neo-Pagan, Herbalist, Etc.) The number underneath "Type" is how much I recommend the book (1 being the worst book ever and 5 being the best book ever) I will normally give a brief reason of why I chose that particular book instead of something else, then a brief review. If you want to know more about the book I will include under a cut a VERY extensive piece about the book and what is in the chapters individually.
Now please keep in mind that these are my opinions and yours may be totally different. I mean only to help you all find some new material. Blessed Be!
This all being said, here you go:

The Learned Arts Of Witches and Wizards
History and Traditions of White Magic

By: Anton & Mina Adams

Type: All Levels & Non-Denominational

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

Reason: I chose this book to go first because I reference it the most often of all of my books and I never see it on reading lists for those studying the Wiccan faith.

The Review

This is one of the best books I have come across over many years of studying. I recommend this book not only for beginners but those who have studied for several years because It goes into detail on things that most books don’t explain enough to understand completely and without the bias of the writers beliefs. This is one of the greatest resources for any path. There are few spells in it and most are sample spells at that, but this book actually explains all that goes into spells including different kinds of spells and magick (Candle magick, Cord magick, the difference between a spell and a chant, and more.) I think that everyone should at least look into checking this book out of their local library if they carry it.

Chapter 1 Includes:
Witchcraft's passage through time
Sorcery in Ancient Times
---Greek History
----------Circe and Media
Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Witchcraft
---The Mystery of Merlin
---The Reverence of Nature in Celtic Magic
Traditional Societies
---Village or Community Life
----------Shamans and Witch-doctors
---Native American Magic and the Shamanic Traditions
---Power Animals
---African and Caribbean Magic
----------The Loas
----------Spiritual Possession
Early European and American Witchcraft
---Persecutions in England and Europe-"practyse of the blacke scyence"
---Persecutions in America-The Salem "Witches"
Medieval and Modern Magicians
---Count Saint-Germaine
---Dr. John Dee
---Robert Fludd
---Aleister Crowley
Renewal of Interest in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
---Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
---Theosophical Society
Famous Witches of the Twentieth Centuries
---Gerald Brousseau Gardner
---Alex Sanders
---Starhawk (Miriam Simos)

Chapter 2 Includes:
Places of Magic
Earth magic--Tapping into the Earth's Energy
---Grounding Exercises
---Sensing the Power-Using your intuition
---Leys-Power Centers of the Earth
Prominent Sacred Places
Circle Magic
---Why a Circl?
---Finding Your Own Sacred Place
---Setting up Your Own Sacred Place
---Casting and Closing a Circle

Chapter 3 Includes:
What are Spells and How do they Work?
---The Ethics of Spellcraft
---Feeling Empowered
---Spellcraft Etiquette
---Making it Happen
---Getting in the mood -Some Visualization Exercises
---Flying Your Broomstick (visualization exercise
Making and Using Your Magical Tools
---Combining Elements
---Making Your Magical Tools
---Preparing for Your Spell
---How do Chants Work?
Using Cord Magic
---How it Works
Candle Magic
---How it Works
---The Colors
Manifesting Magical Power
---Concentrating Magical Power
---Fetishes, Voodoo dolls and Poppets
Recording Your Magical Experiences
---Keeping a Personal magical Journal
---Book of Shadows
---Honoring the Secrets of Others

Chapter 4 Includes:
The Witches World
Kitchen Witch or Pagan Goddess
Popular Pagan Goddesses
---The Lady and Mother of Gods
Invoking the Goddess
---Drawing down the Moon
---Working with a Particular Goddess
Kitchen Witchcraft
---Working with Herbs
---Incorporating Herbs into Your Spells
---Popular Herbs for Magical Purposes
---Table of Magical Herbs
House Blessings
---Dispersing Negative Energies
---Tools You Will need
---Doing a House Blessing or Cleansing
---Protecting Your House
The Magic of Nature
---Stone Magic
----------Stone Magic for Healing
----------Table of Stones and Gems for Particular Magical Purposes and Healing
---Flower Magic
----------How to use Flower Magic
----------Table of Flowers
---Reading Tea Leaves
----------Table of Tea Leaf Symbols
---Crystal Scrying
----------How to Read a Crystal Ball

Chapter 5 Includes:
The Wizard's World
Ceremonial Magician or Satanist?
---A thorough Explanation of the Why Wicca is not Satanic
Popular Pagan Gods
---The Lord
---The Horned Cod (pan)
Invoking the God
---Drawing down the Sun
----------The Ritual
---Working with a Particular God (a formal ritual)
Male Mysteries
Ancient Mysteries
----------Table of Astrological Correspondences
----------Table of Meaning in Numerology
----------Table of Meanings (the Minor Arcana)
----------Table of Meanings (The Numbered Cards)
----------Table of Meanings(The Major Arcana)

Chapter 6 Includes:
The Path of Magic
Ritual Observance of Nature
---Phases of the moon
Observing the Seasons
Understanding the Forces of Nature
Moon Rituals and Practices
---Full Moon
---New Moon
Seasonal Rituals and Practices
---The Wheel of the Year
----------Table of the Greater Sabbats
----------Table of the Lesser Sabbats
---Yule (Midwinter Solstice)
---Imboloc (Candlemas)
---Ostara (spring Equinox)
---Beltane (May Day)
---Litha (midsummer Solstice)
---Lammas or Lugnassadah
---Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
---Table of Seasonal Correspondences
Daily Observances
---Keeping in Tune with Your Magical Intention
----------The Importance of Grounding
----------Centering Yourself
----------Keeping a Diary
Breathing Exercises
---The Key to the Control of Your Conscious Mind
---Basic Breathing Technique for Meditation
---Pore Breathing and Transforming the Breath into Energy
Witchcraft Ethics and Advice
---Starting out
---Concerning Teachers and Groups
---Working as a Solitary
---Working Within a Coven

Also includes:

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