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I'm new at making icons, but I thought I would share my first batch of Wiccan icons with you guys! :)
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I'm still working on this icon, but it says "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray the Goddess My Soul To Keep"

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This one is obvious, but I'm going to put the text with one or two more pictures and see how they look.

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Hark, Hear the Children Sing

Hello everyone!

Agreeing with Matriaya, who happens to be my eternal daughter, It's Yule! It's the Solstice! lets actually take part in our religion, 'stead of sit here like a bump on a log.

So, I'm Haley, aka Hazel or HazeyShade,depending on what you wanna call me.


--Merry Part!
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wake up be happy

welp, i'm new here...

hello! I figured hey, its solstice, why not join a pagan LJ community?
So hello world. I'm Matriaya. Please ta meecha.

Does someone want to be my friend? [looks cute]

Goddess Bless!
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A book you might like...

This autumn, treat yourself to Witch .

Read the life story of the first woman executed for witchcraft in Salem, and rediscover this chapter of American history told for the first time in a woman’s voice.

Never was there a better time to remember how tricky religion can be, especially when it is heralding a new world order.
beauty in black

Ritual decision

I've been practicing Wicca for a year and a few weeks ago I began the 9 week preparations for a self-dedication ritual out of Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. The same time that I'm going to actually do the ritual, I'll be moving into a new house where my room is barely big enough for my bed. Now I'm not so sure I want to actually do the ritual. I didn't know I would be moving when I started preparing. The ritual is really just the beginning of a year and a day of studying and practicing Wicca before you seek out real initiation. I've now realized that it's not really what I was looking for, I mean the ritual. I know it might sound pathetic but I'm not sure if I should continue, so does anyone have any ideas of what I should do?
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I am going to be in salt lake all next week so i am just posting this early...Enjoy

Which Witch is Which
A Concise Guide to Wiccan and Neo-Pagan Paths and Traditions

By: Patricia Telesco

Type: All Denominations & For anyone looking to find the right coven or doesn’t know what denomination they are.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Reason: I chose this book because A) It is the latest thing I found at the Library and B) It had the clear views of the separate denominations (which is rare)by people who actually follow those paths.

The Review

This book is excellent for finding different denominations (Different Paths of Wicca) though it left me questioning more about them then when I started. For anyone seeking a Coven this book is a great resource guide to get started in finding exactly when kind of coven would be the best for your particular set of belief's. For those just trying to figure out what it is they believe in the first place, this is also an excellent start. Anyone who already knows there path and have no, what I call "holes", in there faiths probably would be disappointed with this book. Research into other paths of Wiccan faith should be found in other books beside this one, but it gives a quick explanation and basis enough to help someone start out. Each piece about a separate path is written by someone who follows that path and knows it very well, so there is no bias against other paths. Also other resources such as other books on each path and websites to check out are at the end of each piece on a path so you have another step toward learning more about it. Recommended for beginners.

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---Temple of Ara (Ara Tradition)
---Traditional British Druidry (TBD)
---Traditional Tantric Tradition
---Witchcraft (in gerneral)

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A brief explanation of how my book reviews will work. I will say title and author, which are self-explanatory. "Type" will tell what level of information is in it (basic, all spells, need to be well studied to understand, etc.) and it will also say what it falls under denominationally (Gardnerian, Celtic, Traditional, Neo-Pagan, Herbalist, Etc.) The number underneath "Type" is how much I recommend the book (1 being the worst book ever and 5 being the best book ever) I will normally give a brief reason of why I chose that particular book instead of something else, then a brief review. If you want to know more about the book I will include under a cut a VERY extensive piece about the book and what is in the chapters individually.
Now please keep in mind that these are my opinions and yours may be totally different. I mean only to help you all find some new material. Blessed Be!
This all being said, here you go:

The Learned Arts Of Witches and Wizards
History and Traditions of White Magic

By: Anton & Mina Adams

Type: All Levels & Non-Denominational

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

Reason: I chose this book to go first because I reference it the most often of all of my books and I never see it on reading lists for those studying the Wiccan faith.

The Review

This is one of the best books I have come across over many years of studying. I recommend this book not only for beginners but those who have studied for several years because It goes into detail on things that most books don’t explain enough to understand completely and without the bias of the writers beliefs. This is one of the greatest resources for any path. There are few spells in it and most are sample spells at that, but this book actually explains all that goes into spells including different kinds of spells and magick (Candle magick, Cord magick, the difference between a spell and a chant, and more.) I think that everyone should at least look into checking this book out of their local library if they carry it.

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