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  • mia_liz

Request Post.

Because I'm insainly bored I'm now taking request, up until I can't be bothered anymore.

You know the drill;
-post the image you want me to use (High quality only please),
-any fandom you like (No personal pictures),
-and give me an example or tell me what you want me to do with it.

After this I've got some icons for Smallville (I feeling a little nostaligic), Standoff and Harry Potter (the batch just isn't big enough yet to post).
  • mia_liz

!!!!Request Post!!!!

Because I'm very bored, I'm now taking requests.

To request all I ask is a Higher quality image, and if you want an idea of a style that you would like.

I don't care what fandom and at this point (depends on the reaction) I don't have a limit of requests.

so go on request away.