DJ Alliezzle in the Skizzle (mybahlonie) wrote in _teenage_angst_,
DJ Alliezzle in the Skizzle


It is I, co-creator of attempted beauty and worse-attempted sarcasm of teenage angst. Started out as a private journal of my own. Went to a 'friends' group, then ended up in this train-wreck piece of shit. I loved the idea of it, just didn't like the whole thing of actually doing it. So, here you go. My gift to you. Don't make it worse than it already is, kids.

Teenage Angst is fun, don't forget that. Even if you guys like to do the ranting, don't be bitches. That rains on everyone's cake. For real. And who likes soggy cake? I know I don't.
Made a few new mods. Looked like cool kids. They'll treat you good.

Email me if you feel like ruining my life some more after adding all you kids.. Hell that for real took forever.


p.s. If you didn't get added, Sorry. Sucks to be you, on Avenue Q.<3
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