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Teedra Moses Fans

life is just complex simplicity...

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"Teedra Moses has a voice and R&B sensibility that equals, if not surpasses, the likes of Beyonce. Tracks such as 'Be Your Girl,' 'For a Lifetime' and 'No More Tears' recall a time in the early '90s when straight melodies and a danceable beat came together to make a real jam more often. Taking her cues from such greats as Diana, Donna and Whitney, she keeps her message simple, like taking time to party, getting over a careless man and making sweet love - and she hits the mark each time."

Teedra Moses Fans is a community put together to support Teedra Moses and the beautiful music she makes. This community is to bring members together who have fallen in love with her voice, writing style, and her debut album, Complex Simplicity.
Here, at Teedra Moses Fans, you will find updates about Teedra Moses, links to downloads & audios, Teedra Moses icons, information about upcoming performances and appearances, and just anything that we can find out that's related to Teedra Moses. All topics that are not related to Teedra Moses, or that do not have any relevancy to the topic, will be deleted immediately.

Moderators are: _backstroke & _monalisa