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Teedra Released in The UK + Much More

In a recent interview done with the magazine I co-write for Sounds of Soul and interview was just conducted with Teedra. The interview should be up shortly but some minor information is that she is releasing the album in the UK and is nominated for a grammy for "Dip It Low"! So keep your eyes on the site and make sure you visit when it's up. :)

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apparently, after the seagrim's tour, teedra is supposed to put on a promotional tour with a couple of other artists. the seagrims tour was for people who were 21 and up (which is why I wasn't able to go), and so, I think they're going to have a tour for all ages - at least, that's what jason spiewack (from TVT records) has told me. hopefully, this goes through and TVT will have enough money to put on another tour, because I was really disappointed that I couldn't go.

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Cartoon 4 Seagrams

In one of the other articles the writer mentions the gift they were giving. Here is a picture of the cartoons featuring all the acts. Teedra is in the botta left corner.
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Cleveland Tour Stop

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While Tweet has touring experience, this is Moses' first tour.

Moses' TVT records is home to some of rap's biggest names: Lil' Jon, Nate Dogg, Warren G and the Ying Yang Twins.

Her recently released album, "Complex Simplicity," has already produced two hit singles, "You'll Never Find," and "Be Your Girl."

"I am very excited about this because I get a chance to go out and let people see what I do," said the New Orleans native.

"I am going to go out there and enjoy myself, and if I do that, the audience will enjoy themselves as well. The best thing about doing this is you go out there and let go of what you are dealing with and get lost in the audience and your music."

Although the tour is about having a good time, organizers are working with the Hip Hop Summit Action Network to register voters at each venue.

"Seagram's is committed to providing an exciting and dynamic showcase and platform for these artists while elevating awareness of the importance of the vote in our communities," Campbell said.
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caught up

hey does anyone have the lyrics to caught up? im listening 2 that song like 3o times i day but i DO NOT know what she is saying but i still love it...help me pleez!
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Teedra Moses @ SeaGram Gin Tour

That evening, we were shuttled over to the House of Blues and dined on a splendid buffet before show time. Teedra, who wore a tiny green satin number with a white fur scarf, took the stage first. The debut artist shocked many with a performance that would rival most veterans. The former industry stylist, who also penned Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low,” was surprised that I knew and broke the news that she had twins by rapper Ras Kas. Her concert set had a lot of people interested in hearing her newly released album, Complex Simplicity.
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HI everyone!

Hello everyone! I just joined this community today because Im most definetly a Teedra Moses fan! I wish more people knew about her because she is truly a talent singer. Its been a long time since I heard r&b that had meaningful lyrics for nearly every situation.
I dont know if this has been posted yet but heres a website in the UK that has some remixes and versions of songs that are not featured on her album, including accapella cuts to. I hope to meet more fans here and discuss her music!
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Showtime At The Apollo

I heard Teedra Moses performed last night on Apollo. She did "You'll Never Find" and "Be Your Girl". Most of the people I talked to said she did okay. I missed the performance, did anyone else see it?
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