lockedbutfree (lockedbutfree) wrote in _teedramoses,


wow good so im not da only one dat's feelin this woman. seems like she's doin a lot in da UK, i can't wait for her new cd to come out. i don't know about ya'll but i sure wish she was on t.v. and da radio more.

  • teedra on myspace + new track

    teedra has a new song on her myspace page go check it out! and don't forget to add her as a friend

  • FINALLY!!!

    Teedra Moses is on itunes...woo hoo!! now if we could juss get this new cd soon!!! ;-)

  • teedra on myspace + new track

    new teedra moses song has dropped on her myspace page titled take my love away. download the song by clicking the link

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