Dark Affinity (demcee) wrote in _teedramoses,
Dark Affinity

Teedra Released in The UK + Much More

In a recent interview done with the magazine I co-write for Sounds of Soul and interview was just conducted with Teedra. The interview should be up shortly but some minor information is that she is releasing the album in the UK and is nominated for a grammy for "Dip It Low"! So keep your eyes on the site and make sure you visit when it's up. :)

  • teedra on myspace + new track

    teedra has a new song on her myspace page go check it out! and don't forget to add her as a friend

  • FINALLY!!!

    Teedra Moses is on itunes...woo hoo!! now if we could juss get this new cd soon!!! ;-)

  • teedra on myspace + new track

    new teedra moses song has dropped on her myspace page titled take my love away. download the song by clicking the link

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