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Teedra Moses @ SeaGram Gin Tour

That evening, we were shuttled over to the House of Blues and dined on a splendid buffet before show time. Teedra, who wore a tiny green satin number with a white fur scarf, took the stage first. The debut artist shocked many with a performance that would rival most veterans. The former industry stylist, who also penned Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low,” was surprised that I knew and broke the news that she had twins by rapper Ras Kas. Her concert set had a lot of people interested in hearing her newly released album, Complex Simplicity.

The crowd thickened just before Tweet took the stage. The Missy Elliott protégé, sporting a black dress, blue jeans, gold pearls, gold belt and gold sequenced hat, ran through many of her hits from Southern Hummingbird before introducing several new tracks from her upcoming album, It’s Me Again. A standout on the album will certainly be “My Man,” on which Tweet evokes the energy of Mary J. Blige, shucking and bucking like a church mother while singing with gut-wrenched emotion. I’ve never seen Tweet sing this hard before. She assured us at the press conference that her new album would showcase her vocals more than her previous, as she’s a much more confident singer now. It definitely showed onstage. She closed with her smash hit, “Oops (Oh My).”

I didn’t know what to expect from Cee-Lo’s solo set. But I can tell you that it was all things good. The former Goodie Mob rapper shows why his departure from the group hasn’t caused him to miss a step. From intro to abrupt ending, Cee-Lo’s performance was high energy. He emerged on the stage in a black preacher’s robe and a huge red glass, hopefully full of some Seagram’s Gin drink. He performed hits from both his albums, Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections and Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine. It’s a show to see.

This year’s Seagram’s Gin Live show is certainly a must-see. All of the artists compliment each other, making for a more consistent all-around show. It may be the strongest off all of the Seagram’s Gin Live tours. Previous tours have included Carl Thomas—he was in attendance at the New Orleans show, Lil’ Mo, Mary J. Blige, Jaheim, Truth Hurts, Biz Markie and Chante Moore. To find out when the Seagram’s Gin Live tour will be in a city near you, visit www.SeagramsGinLive.com.


  • teedra on myspace + new track

    teedra has a new song on her myspace page go check it out! and don't forget to add her as a friend

  • FINALLY!!!

    Teedra Moses is on itunes...woo hoo!! now if we could juss get this new cd soon!!! ;-)

  • teedra on myspace + new track

    new teedra moses song has dropped on her myspace page titled take my love away. download the song by clicking the link

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