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for all of you guys who have heard teedra's album sampler (it came out a while ago, but it has an intro, "you'll never find (a better woman)," "doin' you" (which does not appear on the album, "no more tears," snippets of "caution," "be your girl," and "for a lifetime"), I was just wondering how many people had heard the album sampler and the intros that she did for each song. before or after a song, she would give an explanation about the song, as well as on the intro, she gave an explanation about what the title of her album meant.

I, for one, thought that it was a hot concept to give a brief synopsis of the songs, and I was sort of disappointed that it was scrapped from the album. for those of you who have heard the sampler, what do you think? and for those who haven't, I'll upload the sampler when I get my computer back so you can hear what it is that I'm talking about. haha.

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