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We're all a little mad here

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9th March 2004

oatic7:22pm: Welcome to the Bahamas, have a nice stay!
heartstripe is a coconut.

I am currently talking to Jennifer and I have decided she is a coconut. No, get your mind out of the gutter, not that, its because she is nuts - insane, not unlike myself.
Long time no blog, I do believe I last updated like 2 weeks ago, on oatic Bad me. Its not like I have anything better to do, may I add. I am just lazy, I havent been doing anything at all.

So, that is it really. Welcome to my boring life. Lol. I swear I will update when something worth saying happens. Honest.
Current Mood: Twitchy

8th February 2004

heartstripe3:32pm: I deleted my other entry cuz it wouldn't let me change my icon. This one looks mucho better Emma
oatic11:52am: Does this icon look better? I think it will......
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