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the best Taste of Chaos Community...

the best Taste Of Chaos Community
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The Taste Of Chaos Info

The Taste Of Chaos Tour will offer fans an edgier style of music while still keeps some of the same activities as the warped tour. The tour will be a great way to escape the cold of winter and early spring; and with a concourse area that opens early and features video gaming, signings, contests, an acoustic stage and attractions, the Taste Of Chaos will be an awesome alternative to the usual after-school and evening activities.
- taken from official site

Join and talk with other LiveJournal members about The Taste Of Chaos tour. Post anything related to the Taste Of Chaos tour and the bands performing.

Tour Dates

Please check the official site for the many, many tour dates this year.

Headlining Bands

» deftones
» thrice
» dredg
» as i lay dying
» pelican
» atreyu
» silverstein
» funeral for a friend
» story of the year

Rules To Follow When Posting

When posting, please try to type so people can understand. When posting any pictures ALWAYS use an LJ-CUT. Thats it, I try to keep them short and minimal.


To help the community grow could you please try to promote as much as possible. Whether you link us in your info or tell your friends, thats fine. Promote Please!

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