Kari (celticrayne99) wrote in _tasteofchaos_,

RTOC Presales

Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour Presale Tickets

First opportunity to purchase General Admission Floor tickets to RTOC concerts, VIP Early Access Wristbands - ALL RTOC presale ticket buyers will receive a VIP Early Access Wristband that will allow them special early access into the concert venue ahead of the general public who have purchased regular tickets, All-Access Pass Giveaway (one winner per show but must have bought pre-sale tickets), RTOC Flyaway Giveaway – One winner will be chosen randomly from all RTOC presale ticket buyers to receive a flyaway trip to any RTOC concert AND Discounted Alternative Press Magazine Subscription and AP Magazine Booth Cut-the-Line Pass (Subsciption for $10 and cut the line pass which lets you cut the line for autographs at the AP booth)


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