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Win a Free VIP PASS!

Join Warped Panel Now For Your Chance To Win 1 of 450 VIP WARPED TOUR PASSES!!!


Hey There!

You should all join the official WARPED PANEL 2007! As part of this panel, you will fill out a few online surveys before Warped Tour 2007 officially begins, and hopefully you'll be posting on our message boards so I can talk to you! Your opinions are very important, so please be as truthful as possible.

Why would you want to fill out surveys, you ask? Well, for one you will be giving your thoughts to sponsors who will be able to react to the surveys to make your concert experience better, and second - for your chance to be one of the 450 lucky Warped Panel members - 10 in each city - who get a free pass to the date of your choice AND you get to watch a band of your choice FROM THE STAGE! (See the list of '06 panelist)

Yup, you'll be right up on stage with them, waving at all your friends in the hot pit. I was one of the lucky winners 3 years ago, and it was the best Warped Tour of my life. I got to be on stage with Hawthorne Heights and MXPX. All you have to do is help me out with a couple surveys in the morning, and I'll give you a special bracelet and make your Warped Tour dreams come true. If you're really good, I might even give you a full backstage tour… I'll also be posting pictures from the road this summer, so don't forget to check back during the tour. Here are some pix from last year.

So remember, your opinion counts, and it is really important to Warped Tour. They help our sponsors know what they should be doing to make your Warped experience better. And if you knock out everything we send your way, you might be one of the lucky panelist who I get to hang out with on tour!

I really want to talk to you about Warped Tour and music, and everything else, so please add me as a friend on - my username is Warped Panel Lisa
or email me at
I am also on AIM - my screen name is Warped Panel.

Myspace =

Talk to you soon!

Good Luck and I'll see you this summer!

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