March 1st, 2005


TOC covers

I know that there is a much younger crowd that is attending this TOC tour.
So, with that in mind, are any of you aware of the Faith No More cover that Senses Fail butchered? I saw them 3 nights in a row, and cringed everytime. It is a damn good song, but, wow. I wonder what Mike Patton would say...

It seems as if alot of bands are doing covers from the 80's - 90's scene. Which, is awesome. But, the blank look on half of the crowds face is nuts.

2 nights, The Used and MCR covered Bowie's Under Pressure.
That was definitely hella cool.
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The Lowell Massachusetts show was amazing. All the bands were so good. I hate Killswitch, but I still think they put on a really good show. If you have tickets to a future show, you will not be disappointed.