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I went exclusion crazy, I'm pretty sure every icon here has a dark blue exclusion. Anyway, it's some different styles for me.

Also if anyone could help me I would love you forever. Does anyone know where one can get a good (free trial) of a DVD ripper? OR A place where I can get season 2 clips of Nathan and Haley (beside Dare To Move, they dont seem to have them up anymore) Thanks.

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Basically I got a little black and white crazy this week. the Showbread icons (pictured ones) are pics I capped from their video "Mouth Like A Magazine" I got obsessed with there lead singer hense all the icons. Most of them are just black and white bases and then I played with different gradients. The Emery and Showbread lyric icons are what they are, not much explaining there. And the One Tree Hill are also part of the black and white craze and I just cropped out random parts to leave normal. I didn't do any text of the pictured ones because I didn't really feel like thinking up or finding songs to fit the pictures.


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For most of these I just randomly picked on a tutorial over at icontutorials and rearranged the icon to my liking. And I just dl'd a trial of PSPX so I'm excited I promise there will be more to come soon, definitley more animated quote/lyric ones because I dont have too much left on the animation trial. I also plan on getting some Gilmore Girls because I just got the first season. :D

This post features:

--Barlow Girl--Terminal--Superchic[k]--Relient K--Chris Carrabba--One Tree Hill--

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