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_tangible_@lj.com :: fanfiction&graphics by littleredduckie

"when you cease to dream, you cease to live." --malcolm s. forbes

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fanfiction & graphics by littleredduckie
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Welcome to the fandom journal of littleredduckie (formerly duckie_710). You'll find here all of icons, fanfiction, and story fragments. I'm a full time university student, so I can't say when I'll have time to make icons or write anything, let alone get them online. Please don't hassle me about it. This is my hobby and I wouldn't like to feel pressured about it.


THIS IS A CLOSED COMMUNITY, SO DON'T TRY TO JOIN. I've made this a community only because it will be easier for me to post this way. FEEL FREE TO FRIEND THIS JOURNAL, though. I'll try to post a link in my personal journal whenever I update here, but I may not always remember. If you really don't want to miss an update, or you just want the icons and/or stories, friending this journal may be your best option.


Rules for taking my icons :: How to credit :: Resources :: Awards I've won :: Community Tags

My Big Damn Table for fanfic100

My current rank at neutral_zone is Chief Petty Officer.


DISCLAIMER: All names, characters, places, likenesses, etc, contained within this journal are the property of their respective owners and copyright holders. I am not making any profit from the distribution of these stories/graphics; they were all done for purely entertainment purposes. This disclaimer is valid for all contents of this journal.

12 October 2005: This journal and its contents are copyrighted by the journal’s owner. By friending this journal, you are acknowledging that everything posted in it/to it is the property of the journal’s owner and agree to keep it as private or public as the owner’s filter(s) indicate. The owner of this journal does not wish entries of this journal or comments to those entries to be published elsewhere, without the specific permission of each individual involved in each specific entry. Individual comments to this journal are protected by the journal owner’s copyright and any usage of entries and/or comments to this journal are in violation of the owner’s copyright. By adding yourself to/remaining on this journal owner’s ‘friends list’ you are agreeing to the conditions herein and you agree to keep all communications on this journal as private as the owner’s entry/filter indicates.

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