Reina Tanaka Community

Reina Tanaka Community
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This is a community for anyone who likes Morning Musume and Reina Tanaka. So any fans of Morning Musume are welcome to come and share your interest! =)
This is a pretty laid-back community so there aren't many rules, however there are a few that must be followed.

[X] You must follow all of the rules or you will be deleted from the members list.
[X] All entrys must be hello!project related. Some spam entrys are accepted, but only some. If I see too many I will change this rule to on-topic entries only.
[X] Definitly NO Reina, Morning Musume or Hello!Project bashing.
[X] Be nice to the other members. Discrimination of any kind is not welcome!
[X] Promotion is allowed if it is on-topic. So if you want to promote a Morning Musume community, stuff like that is allowed.

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