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This community was created for the sole discussion of Tamagotchi, no other "virtual pets."

Intended to help the inner-child geek with the 2004 revival of the Tamagotchi as the "Tamagotchi Plus," this community is for the people who were into the fad during the late 90's, and find themselves having an interest in it again.

Reading the Community FAQ before posting is highly reccomended so you don't look stupid.

Acceptable for posting:
- Introduction, upon joining community.
- Posting links to sites related to Tamagotchi, release of them in the US, et cetera.
- Posting photos (using LJ-cut) of your Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi stuff, Tamagotchi icons, so forth.
- Posting notices about your eBay auctions, provided that you aren't selling the original Tamagotchi or Tamagotchi Plus/etc. for more than $30 (before shipping). Note that you can purchase Tamagotchi Plus from the Play-Asia site.

Unacceptable for posting:
- Spam for other communities.
- Posts with large/lots of photos not behind a cut.
- Off-topic posts, posts about non-Tamagotchi "virtual pets" (aka "ripoffs")
- Linking to your ridiculously priced eBay auction for Tamagotchi things.
- Flaming, typing like a moron (sticky caps/total lack of spell checking), other things that tend to royally piss people off on the Internet.

rootbeerkegger is the mod, should any issues arise.

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