new community

topherjones and i have created a new graphics community.
its different from this one in that it is strictly for fashion graphics.
there will be icons, mood themes, wallpapers, layouts, friends only signs ect.
we will hopefully get some posting memebers soon.
anything thats considered graphics is allowed.
so if you are interested in fashion graphics at all (male and female models and designers) then feel free to join!

fashiong fashiong fashiong fashiong fashiong

we will still be cross posting our icons here.

the wonderful world of disney.

- Comment if taking please
- Credit _takethecannoli
- Do not steal / edit icons
- No hotlink-y

- 81 Disney

These are absolutely adorable.
I have been wanting to make some disney Icons for a while..

Credit: these are bases that i found all over the place.
however, i saved them a long time ago and don't remember who to add for credit.
if anyone made or has seen these bases comment on this and let me know.
i will credit you! (sorry i forgot who made them!! I fail.)

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Learn how to credit here
Give us some suggestions!

- The Office
- also, maybe i'll eventually do female actresses.