the world on fire (girlcrieswolf) wrote in _takemeon,
the world on fire


i'm sorry the last entry the lj-cut didn't go through because i made a mistake typing it so i deleted it for your page's sake i hope you don't mind. this is the exact entry, hopefully the cut will work now.

name: juliet
age: fourteen
sex: femme
location: new jizzer.
artists: common rider, donovan, frank sinatra, fugazi, george harrison, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, joy division, le tigre, led zeppelin, marilyn monroe, nirvana, oasis, operation ivy, pink floyd, queen, radiohead, ringo, the adicts, the beatles, the blood brothers, the byrds, the clash, the cramps, the doors, the kinks, the who, tom petty, world/inferno friendship society. more than 10, the only order is alphabetical.
special talents: art. any kind.
if you could bring back anyone from the dead, who would it be and why? jim morrison. his eccentricity intrigues me
don't hate me 'cause: why shouldn't you hate me? do as you please.
do you feel pretty?: make me feel pretty.
better yet, do you feel lucky?: dumb luck.

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