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_takebacksunday's Journal

The official Taking Back Sunday community
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All Members , Moderated
Hi you've obviously stumbled upon this community because you like or love taking back sunday.

A few rules before we start off:

-No need to introduce yourself and ask for friends. We know why you're here and we will get to know you if we please by reading the things you post.

-There are other communities out there for requesting things for your journal. Such as banners, wallpapers, icons, etc. go there, not here.

-"Opinions are like assholes... everybodys got one" If you're offened by something somebody says, instead of starting a whole slew of drama report them to me if it's that extreme. If not then leave it be.

-No advertising your other communities UNLESS it's ran by me first and you think it's something everyone in the community will benefit from.

-No fighting or bashing other members. We're all here for the same reason, we love taking back sunday.

Things that are good to post:

show reviews, concert listings (if there isn't already one that has been posted), questions that haven't been posted yet, things you've made or pictures you've taken (if big please use a lj cut)

mod: laura
screen name:xhardcoolcutiex