(aka) Felipe, Leech, Phlip, and recently Asshole (ascetic_bantam) wrote in _takealayout_,
(aka) Felipe, Leech, Phlip, and recently Asshole

just wondering if anyone here knows how to ake your main entry page show userpics like in comment or friends page with the s1 system, I have a paid account and have been fighting with this one little thing for a few days now, thanks for your time

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    Is this community currently open and filling requests? I'm having such a hard time finding a community that is open right now!

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    I'm looking for a new layout for my journal that's black widow spider based. Mostly red, I can find some pictures if someone would be will to help me…

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    I would appreciate any help I can get :) Thanks so much Style you would like to use: Generator Title: MyLove Stone Background Image:…

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