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just wondering if anyone here knows how to ake your main entry page show userpics like in comment or friends page with the s1 system, I have a paid account and have been fighting with this one little thing for a few days now, thanks for your time


I'm looking for a new layout for my journal that's black widow spider based. Mostly red, I can find some pictures if someone would be will to help me out. my email is little_bass444@hotmail.com I would appreciate any help you guys could give me.
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gonna sound stupid

Ok, so I really don't want to sound stupid, but I have no choice. So, I was just wondering... how d'you put an image, like the one of the eyes, at the top of your livejournal? I have the image made and everything, but I just don't know how to put it on my livejournal... anyone care to help?