take action!

this is your world.

you can make it happen.
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" the world is on fire, it's more than i can handle
i'll tap into the water, try to bring my share
try to bring more, more than i can handle
bring it to the table, bring what i am able "

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About this community: _take__action_ is a positive place where anyone who is interested in helping his/her community or world can talk about recent projects, ideas, aspirations, etc.

Posts: Please make all posts relevant to community service and helping people. Discuss a new project you're doing at school, talk about exchange programs in foreign countries, ask questions about new opportunities for community service, etc. Off-topic posts will be deleted. You're encouraged to post photos of your current projects, but please refrain from posting graphic content. Please put all photos & long posts behind an lj-cut.

Community etiquette: Your opinion is always welcome here, but that means you have to accept the opinions of others. This isn't a place to discuss politics, so please don't let any discussions get out of hand. You will be banned from the community if you start trouble!

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Remember: No change is a small change. Each step you take is one step closer to making this world a better place to live in!

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