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Hello everyone. Technically I'm the New Maintainer. Well I've always been the maintainer now I just changed my User name. I'm going to be alot more active then I was in the past.

Here's a start.

Tell me what you want (in this community) Graphics are all welcome. You all know the rules so I'm glad you all have been active and like community. You can post vids and fan art on here. Behind cuts.

If you don't know how to use cuts ask me and I'll fill you in.

I was also thinking about making a Community for 1TYM's very own TEDDY PARK. I don't know about anyone else but he's my top of the group seeing he's American ghetto. LOL

Well, welcome. -late- and enjoy the community.

I'm also looking for a few mods. So if you're active and know HTML codes etc. Send me a message and I'll see if you qualify for maintainers.

Thank you 1TYM ONE WAY


Hello there…I’m new in this community… I really need ur favor here…Now we, at POP RAINBOW are having a survey in order to collect some information regarding on the entertainment scenario in Malaysia. So we need u to answer this questionaires… Exspecially to Malaysians..we need this questionnaire to be answer so we can get the result as soon as possible…


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Thank you very much everyone..@(^-^)@..

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Hi everyone! koreawards is a new community that lets you icon everything Korean-related -- band, artists, actors, drama serials, things ect.
You don't have to be a graphic maker to join, your voting power counts too!!
Do check it out! :)


this community is so dead! unless theres another bigger taebin community here in lj, let me know!!! i havnt heard anything (news, gossip.. etc) from him since..... last year! im always in se7en's community now cause its more lively there.

i heard that taebin will be in New York sometime this coming weeks/months though. exciting! too bad i live all the way in the west coast. SF. bummer.